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9mm 147gr - Lead

I've been using the Missouri bullets 147 TC bullet over 3.5 grains of 231. Very consistent 900 fps from my M&P 9mm.

I was shooting a 145 gr Rn in my 439 for some time.
Used 3.8 - 4 grains Unique. I would start at 3.5 and load 5. It will all depend on your recoil spring.

The W-W 14th Edition reloading manula lists the following data for 147 gr. lead cast in 9mm:
3.3 gr. W-231 = 865 fps = 29000 psi
3.5 gr. W-231 = 905 fps = 32100 psiMAX load
I used the 3.5gr. W-231 when I shot lead bullets in 9mm.

Yep, 3.3 gr 231 under a Missouri 147gr lead TC works well in all 3 of my 9's.

3.5gr of Bullseye and 3.8gr of Green Dot works great in my 9mm 1911.

I once stumbled into a 'deal' on 147 gr. Magnus RNFP. The first thousand I loaded up with dozens of recipes. The last nine thousand were seated over 3.4 grs. of 231.

Worked great in my 3913 and STI Trojan with factory springs.

Sure wish I could score another 10,000 of these at $40 per K.

This was a very accurate load out of the 1911 STI.