60gr Vmax

(heavy on TAC powder data)

Everyone is looking for helpful reloading reference material and shooter experiences.. the problem is that it’s scattered all over the web. This made me crazy so I have collected all the “stuff worth reading” below.

Unfortunately when I originally started collected all this stuff on my HD I didn’t bother recording the authors identity (never thought I’d need it). So if you feel I’ve dissed you in some manner, please drop me a note and I’ll be glad to properly reference you. I just wanted to save everyone time and effort.. I have zero interest in stealing credit for your hard work.


LC Brass trim to 1.750
60 grain Vmax
27C Varget
400 CCI primer
Seated 2.25
Lee Factory 1/2 turn crimp

1.54" 10 shots 200 yards

Rifle DTI 20" AR15

I went through some of my old reloading data and found some loads for the 60 grain vmax. Many of these load are at max or over in some manuals but under or at max in other manuals. I like Sierra's manual for the AR15 and also use Hodgdon's data. If anyone wants to use this data reduce by AT LEAST one grain and work up for your rifle. What may have worked safely in my barrels may be unsafe in yours. If you use these recipes but substitute primers or a different bullet in the same weight, reduce by 2 grains and work up. I used these loads in rifles with 5.56mm NATO chambers, do not use these in a .223 chamber.

26 grains Varget, CCI magnum primers, no crimp - 2855 fps from a 20 inch barrel.
25 grains H335, CCI#41 primer, Lake City brass, crimped - 2895 fps from a 16 inch barrel. **H335 gives good velocities in hot weather but is temperature sensitive and I have seen a 200 fps drop in velocities in below freezing conditions**

Here's some more data using different bullets in 60 and 62 grain weights

60 grain Nosler Partition, 25.5 grains H4895, CCI#41, Lake City (LC) brass, crimped - 2863 fps from a 16" barrel
62 grain FMJBT, 25.5 grains H4895, CCI#41, Crimped - 2882 fps from a 16" barrel
62 grain FMJBT, 25.5 grains RE15, CCI#41, LC, crimped - 2646 fps from a 16" barrel
62 grain FMJBT, 26.2 grains Varget, CCI#41, LC, crimped - 2983 fps from a 20" barrel
62 grain FMJBT, 26.4 grains Varget, CCI#41, LC, crimped - 2877 fps from a 16" barrel
62 grain FMJBT, 24.3 grains VV N135, CCI#41, LC, crimped - 2879 fps from a 16" barrel
62 grain FMJBT, 25.5 grains TAC, CCI#41, LC, crimped - 2889 fps from a 16" barrel
65 grain Sierra Gameking, 25 grains TAC, CCI#41, LC, crimped - 2790 from a 16" barrel
62 grain FMJBT, 23.3 grains H322, CCI#41, LC, crimped - 2864 fps from a 16" barrel
62 grain Barnes TSX, 25.1 grains H4895, CCI#41, LC, crimped - 2549 from a 10.3" and 2888 from a 16"
62 grain Barnes TSX, 25.5 grains TAC, CCI#41, LC, crimped - 2571 from a 10.3" and 2887 from a 16"
62 grain Barnes TSX, 23.5 grains H322, CCI#41, LC, crimped - 2646 from a 10.3" and 2862 from a 16"

I loaded up 1.5k of 60grn Ballistic Tips backed up w/ 23.5 grains of RE15 in LC brass and CCI 400s. Cranked it out on the 550B and it shoots great. 2780fps and it matches the BDC in my ACOG fair enough. I've only killed jack rabbits w/ them but the results are impressive.

We issue the 60 gr TAP ammo at work for our Patrol Rifle program. Hornady loads the 60 grain Vmax bullet into this ammo.
We do a demo in each class where we shoot a gallon of water with a 55 grain ball round, it goes in and right out. We then shoot a gallon of water with the TAP, this one looks like the round explodes inside of it.

I've found the 60gr V-Max to be one of the most accurate bullets used in any of my AR's.

When I pulled apart a Hornady TAP round, the powder looked just like Ramshot TAC, so that's what I use. I believe it was 24.5 gr of powder (I'll have to go home to check for sure), but it duplicated exactly the Hornady load.

I would definitely use it for home defense and have my AR close by loaded with these.

I loaded some 60gr Vmax pills for my daughter's 223 mod7 over 23.2 gr of Benchmark, and it is a very accurate load and very brutal. She shot her first deer on Sunday evening with that round, and with one shot to the bucks neck at 115yds it destroyed it!!! Wish I would have taken pictures of the destruction it did inside, it literally looked like a bomb went off inside! So I definitely say 2 thumbs up for the 60gr vmax for home defense, as a matter of fact, I just loaded up a 30rd mag for my home defense m4 with that exact load!!!

I've been running a 60 Vmax out of my 18" AR that gets most of the work for 2 years now. I'm loading 25.0 TAC and am slightly above max.

As far as performance, I'm extremely happy with the performance of this pill killing stuff from coons to large coyotes. With my 1:7 twist and a large sample size, I'm absolutely convinced there is something magical about running this pill out of a 1:7 at mild velocities in a .223 (2800-2900). Vmax perform better slowed down in my experiences anyway.

A 60 Vmax in the 3K range should do you dandy and TAC is an awesome powder...

My Bushmaster shot the Varget load right at 1/2 inch and didn't care much for the Tac load grouping it about 1.5 inch. Will go with the Varget. Hornady 60 gr V-Max, 26 gr of Varget, Rem 7.5 primer and Win Brass. OAL 2.25 inch

I hit pressure at 25.8 grs of TAC in the summer with 60 gr NBT's so beware.

I did get 3110 fps out of them in a 17" Kreiger barrel.

On the 60 gr v-max's I ran 25 grs of Benchmark for 2963 FPS out of a 16" barrel and .750 groups.

TAC should be good in colder temps, I wasn't splitting cases but I knew it was hot, very hot. Figured I'd back off to 25.5 and see how they went.

Never have tried them on a coyote but you know Byron South uses the 60 V-max. They ain't gonna bounce off or nothing...

Since this summer I have been playing with 24 grains H335 and a 60 grain Vmax in one of my ARs and it has proven to be a winner as well.

TAC is some good stuff TJ. Mine likes the 60 gr V-max with a fairly hot charge of TAC. I don't know what kind of gear you use, but the RCBS uniflow really, really likes it. It's a pretty fine consistency, so it meters really well

Here is some load data from today...in case anybody is interested...very clean burning powder

Winchester brass
Federal 205M match primers
Hornady 60 grain V-MAX bullet
26 grains of Reloader 15 (over the published max for a 223 chamber, but worked great in my 5.56 chamber)
2.255 OAL with a decent taper crimp (these bullets don't have a cannelure)
2750 fps
5 shot 100 yard group measured 7/8 of an inch. (pure coyote destruction )

I started out today with American Eagle 50 gr hollow points as a base line to compare. All loads were shot in a 16" Colt Light weight 1/7 twist AR-15 (of course). Temp 50 degrees, wind light and variable. Rem cases, WSR primers.

50gr American Eagle HP 3075 high, 3048 low, average 5 shot string 3064 fps.

60gr V-max 24.5 gr Benchmark 2869 high, 2826 low, average 5 shot string 2840 fps.

60gr V-max 25 gr Benchmark 2991 high, 2944 low, average 5 shot string 2963 fps.

60gr V-max 25 gr TAC 2925 high, 2802 low, average 5 shot string 2863 fps.

60gr V-max 25.8 gr TAC 3017 high, 2981 low, average 5 shot string 3003 fps.

The AE 50 gr loads usually run about 3200 fps, I opened a new case and will have to see if this one is just slower or the temp has that much effect on it. This is the new Lake City brass load, my older AE used FC brass which was junk for reloading but pretty good ammo.

Of course always work up your loads in your guns, I was starting to see the primers flatten a little (new softer Win primers) on both max loads and may have to back off if shooting in the summer or switch primers.

My goal was to reach 3000 fps with the 60 gr bullet in mild temps out of the 16" barrel. I think the TAC powder will work which is good because it's clean and cheaper. Accuracy was not measured as I was not shooting groups, just making sure I didn't hit the Ohler and shooting pretty fast. Still all loads wound up in about a 4" group. Good to know different powder and charges didn't make that much of a difference.

Next I will change primers to Fed 205M, check velocity and start working on accuracy. I also am going to try the Nosler 60 gr Ballistic tip bullets, these are a boat tail with a cannelure. I'll keep you posted.

Your results are just like mine...its not easy to get 3000 fps from a 16 inch barrel...I been trying to do it with the 60 grain VMAX and the Barnes 62 grain TSX bullet.

AA 2230 did get 3000 fps from the VMAX... it flattened the primers pretty good, but it did not stretch the case heads any.

I have had the best luck with Reloder 15 (most accurate all the way around)...26 grains will get 2900+ fps from the 62 grain Barnes bullet...and 2800 fps from the 60 grain VMAX.

26 grains of Varget will drive the 60 grain VMAX 2800 fps.

All these rounds were fired in my S&W. All were Winchester brass, 2.26 OAL, CCI and Federal 205m primers. The different primers had no noticeable affect on velocity...but the Federals were a tad more accurate.