55gr 223 loads

* Below are mostly compiled comments from forums. I have collected all the "best" 55gr reloading advise on one page.

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The .223 is SAAMI registered at 55kpsi, but the case head is good for 72kpsi and standard small rifle primer cups are good for more than that.

So all published .223 loads are crazy wimpy.

The .223 Hodgdon max load for 55 gr and H335 is 25.3 gr.
With CCI400 small rifle primers:
28 gr, extractor groove .329"
29 gr, extractor groove .329"
30 gr, extractor groove .3295"
31 gr, extractor groove .3320"

The standard CCI400 primer cup is thick enough to be stronger than the brass.
Somewhere around 4 grains over max, the primer pocket starts to go [as indicated by change in extractor groove diameter].
The primer may look cratered and even top hatted at 31 gr, but it is still good.
The primer is still holding at 5.7 gr over max.
The CCI450 small rifle magnum primer would do no extra good.

With 35 gr Vmax and 18 gr Blue Dot, I can get 4200 fps.
15 gr is 3500 fps and I have shot thousands at rodents.
H110 will do more than 4200 fps, but my Pro Chrono gets confused.

(from a very experienced guy - markm)

24.5 grains has been an amazing load for me.

TAC behind the Hornady FMJBT w/c bulk bullets is as accurate a load as I've ever shoot in bulk ammo.

(per quickload)

24.5 grains seems light. Quickload says it will only yield 2675 out of a 16" barrel. The case is also only 89% full and 87% of the powder is burned.

25.5 grains should yield 2790 out of a 16" barrel with 89% of the powder burned.

A load is not considered efficient unless it burns 95% of the powder. That's why I thought the faster X-Terminator looked better on paper.

Using 55 gr Hornady FMJs.

24.5 gr of TAC out of a 20" barrel yields 2845 fps with 90% burned.

26.0 grains of TAC out of a 20" barrel yields 3022 fps with 93% burned. This has the case filled to 94% and is still only 46,300 psi. You could even go hotter.

The Sierra manual shows using up to 26.3 grains of TAC under 55s.

Kurt reifert

I also use the 24.5 grains TAC w/55 grain projectile and it's the best general purpose/training load I've found.

For heavier bullets, I use VV N140. Results are outstanding.
A little pricey, but if I'm shooting 77 grainers, I'm not shooting cheap anyhow.


Magic number....24.5 grains. It is on the lower end of the scale which is perfect for all around use.


25.6gr TAC
bulk Winchester 55gr FMJ
mixed headstamp brass
CCI 400 primers

16" Sabre midlength barrel, 1/7 chrome lined
Vltor VIS-2
TA33R-8 (3x, chevron)
Ops Inc 15th model suppressor

off of a bipod, 200 yards, 5 shots. (haha, make that 6. I can't count) Intended POI was the center of the head.

I use 24.5gr of Ramshot TAC my plinking .223's with Hornady 55gr FMJ-BT

8lb keg of TAC = 2285 rds of .223

8lb keg of TAC is $104.50 + Hazmat and shipping = $112.50 with group buy at PV, so its cheaper than most powders out there.

cost per round for TAC powder is just under 5 cents.

IMI (New Guat Brass from Weidners) 5.56 brass, with the small flash holes
Hornady (preferred) FMJ
25.2 or 26.0 (depending on the uppers, both RRA) Gr TAC

For better accuracy, and better bullets (69 & 80 SMK), I choose Varget. But for 300 yard pop cans with my Varmint upper, if you miss, it's not the TAC load. (25.2 in that case.)

TAC shoots 69 SMK(s) better than 55 Gr FMJ for me.

I get .5 to 1" groups at 100 yards using 23gr of Tac, Fed 205, and Hornady 55 gr FMJ out of my 16" light weight Del-Ton AR upper. Don't know how that would work with the Winchester projectile.

It really depends on what you are doing. according to the Nosler reloading manuel #6 for the 223 Remington here is the chart. I hope this helps.

55g Spitzer bullet

Benchmark 25g 3302
TAC 26g 3236
Viht N135 25g 3195
IMR4895 25.5g 3178
IMR3031 24.5g 3170
IMR4198 21.5g 3169
H335("Most accurate powder tested" 25g 3140

For plinking and three gun I use:

Mixed brass, trimmed to min length.
55gr FMJBT (Currently Remington Bulk) Varies with availability
20gr H4198
CCI SR Primers
COL 2.20
Barrel length 16"
Twist 1-9

Haven't chronographed this load, but it's pretty mild. Good accuracy, clean, reliable function. Good economical loading. A pound of powder goes a long way!

Vmax Varmint round
20" Barrel
1/9 twist
All .223 Brass
24.7 grains H335
CCI 400 Small rifle primer
55 Grain Hornady Vmax ballistic tip
2.25" OAL

I have three AR-15s all with the same barrels. This has been shooting around 1.5 at 300 yards. The wild hogs here in West Texas never hear it coming.

That's pretty cool. That's within a 1/10 of a grain the same load I came up with for the same bullet.

A load I use in all of my 223's and my brothers is 25.0 gr AA2230 using a 55 gr pill. This is a max load and it shoots well under .5" in all of these rilfes from an AR to bolt gun. I've never noticed any muzzle flash from any of them. If you are looking for something even faster, try AA2200. Here's the data:

I am still of the believe that Yes, The AR platform is still sensitive to burn rate. It's still a gas operated firearm, and as such, try to match that.


One Army chart suggests approx. 28 gr. of WC 844 for the 55 gr. 5.56mm. WC 844 is similar to H335, but lots differ in burning rates and that is a very heavy load (above max in the books) for H335. One guy says he's getting about 3250 - 3350 fps using 27.5 gr. of WC 844. That is very close to the 27.6 grains I measured from out of these cartridges.

Page 154 lists 55 gr M193 ammunition, the powder is WC844.

You can download the army manual here.

WC844, N335 is right in that H4895 powder range.

I chose that powder mainly for temp stability that hodgdon shows over most other powders.

As well as, it lets me load for the M14, M1 Garand, AR15 and .243. I can buy larger quantities of one powder, and Mil-Surp powder is cheaper than off the shelf

i have been shooting 27.5 gr. of varget behind 50gr vmax's, and i dont mind the load, but it is compressed, sometimes very compressed, and i have ruined a couple cases when a piece of powder wedges in between the case and bullet while im seating.

thats why im switching to bl-c2. it should meter better since its spherical, and a max load isnt compressed. it is at or above varget for velocity, and its a little cheaper. $.02

I have tried several you should check out H322 powder, it was the most accurate and easy to use of all the ones I tested.

I have used H-4895 with 55gr. Nosler Ballistic Tips and or 55gr. Sierra Hollow Point Boat Tails in a few different AR's now (plus a Contender Handgun and a Contender Rifle) with excellent results. I have tested this load in the following:

16" Olympic Arms Plinker Plus
16" DPMS M4 (actually 11 1/2" Barrel with a 5" FLash Hider)
20" Military M-16
20" DPMS Panther Bull 20 FLuted
16" Bushmaster M4 ORC
14" T/C G2 Contender Handgun
23" T/C G2 Contender Rifle

I have been more than satisfied with the accuracy & velocity that this load has produced in all of these .223's.

I too have read that the AR Gas System is more fogiving than say that of a M-14 or Garrand, but still choose to use H-4895 as it was one of the powders recommended at the Sierra Bullets web page article "Loading for Gas Guns. Besides like has been stated it is very temperature stable and I have had good results with it in other cartridges as well over the years.

Another vote for the 50 gr. VMax over H335 (three different senior members recommended this combo)

If I were going progressive in .223 I would check out the Ramshot line of powders. Ramshot Tac and X-Terminator are very fine ball powders that do not require mag primers to ignite.

I talked to Ron at hodgdon today and he was quite helpful. He says that Benchmark and H335 both were developed with the AR-15 in mind and that those two are his top recommendations. This gives a choice between a ball and stick powder.

Some other poking around online revealed that H335 was originally a military powder specifically designed for the 5.56 nato.

Then the option of benchmark powder will give us the option of an extruded powder from what I know extruded powders are less sensitive to temperatures so benchmark might be the way to go.

Most dont have a speer #3, #5 and #8 manual for reference and loads in those books compared to more current data I guess would be considered quite hot by todays current data. I dont just take the loads as recipe I will work them up but not from current start charges based on current charge weights Im backed off about 5% for my start charges and in some of my rifles from working up loads I know I can go past todays max charges but ofcourse with extreme caution I work up at .1 grain at a time. Unless I already know a proven load in specific rifle.

I shot a few of my loads Sunday with his 20" H-bar 1/9 twist. I made up 7 round each of 55gr hornady fmj w/cannelure, CCI 450 magum primer, h335, case length +/- 1.750 and bullets seated just to the top edge of the cannelure. This was lake city brass and the charges were 24.5, 25, 25.5, and 26. At 65 yards the groups only got tighter the higher the charge was. The 26gr charge was a 3 shot group that could fit inside a quarter, and 4 shot group close to that. I think the 26 grain load is a good one, and within the speer load specs.

With an AR-15, a wise choice in powders to start out with is W748. It is highly accurate and feeds through a powder measure nicely. You will more likely find accurate loads at 25 gr.(+/-). 55 gr. bullets are a good choice for speed and accuracy .I use Rem. 7 1/2 primers and Winchester shells. Seat your bullets a couple billionths inside of the magazines.
Good literature is going to be your best bet.Hornady, Nosler, Hodgdon are excellent. Be careful, most literature is for 1-12 or 1-14 barrels. Book max loads should be approached cautiously.

Compressed loads are generally more accurate than any other. I have found you’re always better off using a slower burning powder and more of it for an accurate load.

Don't sweat compressed loads they work great nothing to worry about. For plinking I try to find the most accurate load that uses the least amount of powder to make it as cheap as possible.

That’s why .308 is so accurate btw, compressed loads on almost everything. The basic reasoning is that the powder is in the same place no matter what position the rifle or magazine is. It’s easy to stay safe - seat normally (do not tighten) then measure the overall length and write it down somewhere. Set the case aside for a few days and remeasure it. If the length has changed at all, something’s wrong - otherwise your perfectly safe (assuming you followed a reloading manual for safe loads to being with). The only real risk w/ compressed loads is the OAL slowly changing due to over compression inside the case, that’s what you’re checking for there

May I suggest Hodgdon BL-C(2). The reason I'm suggesting this particular powder is because you said that you have a bunch of 55 GN FMJBT's to load with. This Powder is EXCELLENT with the 55gn FMJBT bullet from Sierra or ANY 55 gn SPT or FMJFB or any other. I have loaded this powder with charges ranging from 24.5 GN to 27.5 GN (MAX) and ALWAYS get consistent grouping and velocities.

My buddy is using that in in 20" Bushy w/ 62 gr bullet. It seems to like 25.0- 25.5 with H335. Not a max load, but close. The faster he went, the better the accuracy.

Most of the service rifle shooters [myself included] shoot Varget or 4895 with 69 and 77 smk's. Also try aa2520 &aa2460,, I’ve got excellent results from these powders. Frank White [compass lake eng.] recommends them,, 'nuff said

Alliant Re10x in Win cases using WSR Primer with a 55 RemHP is working well in a RRA 16".

Re10x is about perfect for filling the case completely in 5.56X45. It seems to meter fine through the measure. It also predicts to burn almost completely inside the barrel. Max muzzle velocity has been up to an average of 2953 fps and the cases look fine and the rifle is functioning normally.

The RRA is set up with a Tubbs carrier weight system, and the barrel has been polished using the Tubbs abrasive projectiles. The carrier weight system gets the carrier weight back up to original mil-spec and - in practice - tends to make light loads eject more consistently. Bore polishing with the projectile polishing kit made it necessary to slightly increase the powder charge to stay at the velocity it was at before polishing. Take these facts into account if your rifle isn't similarly configured

Try some Varget; 26.0gr is a nice load for the 50-52gr bullets.

There are probably 10 powders that will shoot well in a 223. H-335 was, and I think still is, the most popular 223 powder.

But, when I tried TAC, I found it just as accurate, and easier to clean. The instigator for TAC for me was John Barsness.

I'm not suggesting to anyone who is pleased with H-335 that they should change powders. Only that I did switch to TAC, and am glad I did.

Last time I used H335, I could see the muzzle flash through the scope when I pulled the trigger. When the results on target and the chrono were only average, I went to other powders. Don’t shoot it while lying prone in dry grass!

If you wanna see some pyrotechnics tho... take ANY load of H 335 and fire a round at night... it will light up an area about the size of a 12 x 15 room... it has to be the "flashiest" powder on the planet!

Best load ever with the Varget was 26.1 grains over WSRs in LC brass under 60 VMs. Second best was about 26.8 under 55s. Smaller bullets, you stuff the case before anything happens. At these charge weights with these bullets in my gun, the powder fill was just right, easy to spot any bridging funny business.

I've tried 335 and it shot all right, just not GREAT. Other guys like it, and it DOES meter wonderfully. Steve Timm would always rhapsodize about 335 under Noslers...that's his cuppa tea.

I'm also enjoying using H 4895 under fifties. Again, the case fill is about just-so.

I’ve yet to stumble upon a 40 grain full-house load I like, but man do I like that Blue Dot for that weight bullet at the ranges I've been shooting 40s.

223 Remington shooting the 52 gr. Berger MEF bullet, in LaPua brass, with Federal 205M primers and 27.3 grs. of H 335 powder!

Now the Rifles and how they shot this loading:

#1: Remington XR-100 with Leupold 8.5x25 variable scope, last 3 groups (5 shots at 100 yards) = .346", .326" and .121"
#2: Remington Model 788 with Tasco 6x24 variable scope, last 3 groups (5 shots at 100 yards) = .707", .751" and .772"
#3: Ruger 77 V/T with Weaver KT-15 scope, last group (5 shots at 100 yards) with this load = .473"
#4: Remington VLSS with Leupold 4x12 scope, last group (5 shots at 100 yards) = .480"
#5: Remington 700 SPS-V with Leupold 6.5x20 scope last group (5 shots at 100 yards) = .372"

I am convinced that this 223 Remington loading is not only inherently accurate AND safe, based on these RECENT usages, but my conviction is also based on decades old results with similar bullets in different 223 Rifles as well.

Per Mule Deer H335 is W748. Penny dropped as I could not source any H335 in Australia but we have lots of W748!

H-335 has always been very accurate for me in a variety of rifles. However, it has also always been difficult to clean out compared to TAC.

TAC is just as accurate for me, but with it my barrels do not foul nearly as quickly, and cleaning barrels using TAC is so easy it is probably sinful.

I have used 26.5 grains of H335 with a 50 gr Vmax for years and it is the most accurate load I have ever found for the .223, and I have never had any issues with being too hot or problems with powder fouling. I don't understand why so many people dislike H335.

I have had excellent accuracy using 25 grains H335 topped with a 52 grain SMK. It is not the fastest load out there but it will shoot tiny, tiny groups and has killed a bunch of coyotes.

My blasting load is 23 gr of H335, Hornady 55 gr FMJBT, Winchester SR primer, COAL of 2.20. My Stag shoots 1" groups at 100 yards and my Bushy will 1" to 1 1/2". I trim my brass to 1.752. I use the same load regardless if it's military or commercial brass, but I separate the brass by head stamp before loading.

I noted from Hodgdon's data that they take H335 to just over 25 grains with a 55 FMJ bullet. Anybody run theirs this hard and if so how does it shoot?

I've loaded them up to 26 grains or so. The load was noticeably hotter and the velocities were fast. But they also shot worse for me in both 1:9 and 1:7 guns. I ended up around 24 to 24.5 grains as it seemed to be a good compromise between keeping the velocity and gun function up and accuracy.

Using a 1/12 twist low round count (~500) 20 inch chromed lined Colt M16 barrel and 24.5 H335 lit by WSR primers with the chrony 9 feet from the muzzle:

Sierra 52 Matchking averaged 2954 fps, es 106
Sierra 55 Gameking ave. 2953 fps, es 95
Hornady 55 Vmax ave. 2970 fps, es 73
Win 55 fmj ave. 2985 fps, es 96

Factory loaded IMI 55 fmj averaged 3083 fps, es 67

I was loading 24.5 H335 to insure no pressure issues when used in a variety of rifle chambers. Later bumped the load back to 25.0 H335 without any pressure signs, and velocity should be closer to the factory IMI loading (it's 223, not 5.56). All averages were for 10 rounds.

btw, the Sierra 55 Gameking expands quite well and penetrates about 10 inches when encountering water filled jugs at 200 yards, an estimated 2100 fps impact velocity which might interest short barrel fans.

My recipe for a 1/7 twist 16" barrel in 5.56mm chamber is:

55 Gn Hornady FMJBT with cannelure
Mil Brass
WW Small Rifle Primers
27.2 gns. of WW 748 Ball Powder

Sub MOA groups, and the load I use for training.

52 grainers are the most accurate bullet for 100yd shooting in any AR BBL twist from 1x7 to 1x13 in my experience.

I'm currently using V N133. Does burn clean and gives consistent accuracy. W748 and H335 serve me well but are pretty dirty burning.


23.0 N133
WC brass
Fed M primer
OAL 2.33

*52 Bergers, 5 shot groups:

I mostly shoot 52gr flat base Gentner's and Euber benchrest grade bullets
with the same data. You'll get very good accuracy with them. Eubers are my favorite.

52grain bullets will consistently get me under .7 at 100yds.

I have loaded N133 with 24.0gr's and a have gotten good results, but I prefer 23.0 gr's.

I either seat my bullets 20 thousandths back from the lands or just load them mag length 2.260. If I shoot 52SMK, I load those mag length...

This is using a 20" SS CLE Krieger BBL with 2.5lb KAC trigger. Weaver T series BR scope w/ 1x8 moa dot. Sinclair front rest and bunny ear rear rest.

Keep in mind that is my Match rifle load.

My all around M4 or Carbine load for 52's is 25.0gr Varget or 25.0gr H335.
I've been pleasantly surprised with the Hornady 52-AMAX. Might want to try those sometime.

I use 24 grains of TAC with a Remington 7 1/2 or CCI 400 primer in Lake City brass with a 55 gr fmj Hornady bullet.
Gives me about 3000fps thru a 20" pipe. I have not chronographed it thru a carbine, but I shoot them thru a 16" Stag all the time with no problem.

Rumor has it that TAC is the powder that Blackhills uses for their .223 loads. I have not tried to confirm that.

I reload for .223 target shooting, I've tried about all the major primers, FedM, CCI, CCI BR, REM and WC. I like CCIBR and FEDM. I use Rem and WC brass tho. In my accuracy experiments, the primer choice did not affect group size as much as the bullet or powder choice.

CCI military primers have harder cups and come close to magnum primers in their performance. They are designed to prevent slam fires in rifles that use a free floating firing pin and have full auto or burst capabilities and the extra punch is there to be sure the round goes bang.

Many hi-power shooters use Remington small rifle benchrest primers. They give excellent, consistent performance and are relatively inexpensive as far as benchrest primers go.

They work well in the AR type rifles without having to worry about slam fires. A slam fire in an NRA hi-power match gets you DQed for that match.

I use Rem sm rifle benchrest primers for all of my .223 loads

Magnum primers are hotter and create more pressure than standard.

I use WW Small Rifle Primers for all of my 5.56/ .223 loading with excellent results.

I have loaded 27 gns. of WW748 behind a 55 Gn. FMJBT w/c, WW SRP's and Mil. cases for years with great success, but it is a little on the "Warm" side, but definitely on the charts. It also is a very accurate load.

I wanted to find a powder that would perform as well for CQB loads and use lighter charges to save wear and tear on the weapon, and reduce costs. I have decided to start loading 24 gns. of RAMSHOT Tac with the same 55 gn. bullet.

The hotter military primers are intended to ensure positive ignition in extreme temperatures. Really cold weather can effect powder ignition and burn. If I was going to use the ammo in the winter here in Michigan, I would definitely use them. I normally use Remington 7 1/2s.

TAC is a great powder for .223.

CCI uses the hardest primer cups of all the US manufacturers.
Many high-power shooters use the Rem 7 1/2 benchrest primers in their ARs with no problem.

I only crimp 55-62 grain reloads. I don't crimp SMK 69 and 77 grain projectiles.

H335 is one of the go-to powders for .223. It works about everywhere but has just seemed very consistent and is a pretty good performer in my 55-64 grain loadings. If it is that much dirtier, well, I haven't really noticed, but I haven't been paying attention.

Ramshot TAC is a superior powder for use in .223 with 55 grain bullets.
Clean, inexpensive, meters perfectly and provides excellent accuracy.

Indeed. I've gone through a few pounds of this stuff with 55 gr bullets, and I like it. I get the same velocity that I was getting with W748, but I use about 2 grains less powder.

Add the fact that it's cheaper than 748, and I can really reduce the per round cost of my practice ammo.

Use Your 4895 on Your 55 gr. loads. But IMHO try Ramshot Xterminator. It burns super clean and is dirt cheap. Tac is OK as well, but it's slower burning than Xterm so it works better on projectiles 62 gr. on up.

My pet load for 55's is 24.8 grs. of Xterminator w/ cci# 41 primers. :)

I have used Varget with both 52gr and 55gr V-MAX Hornady bullets, in both my AR15A2 NM with a 1X7" twist and a .22-250 Remington with 1X12" twist with very good luck. I have looked up the .223 Rem load and while it's not a max load, I would back off some and work up. It was Rem Brass, Rem 7 1/2 BR primer, and 24.0gr of Varget. The starting load is 22.8gr and ends at 26.4gr for a bolt action rifle, so I would say that 25gr is getting to the top.

This load shot very well in my AR15 and showed no signs of pressure. Start low and work yourself up slowly and see if it shoots well. I will also say that most rifles shoot better at lower velocities/pressures so don't go nuts.

I like the Varget powder in several cartridges; it seams to do will in .223 Rem/5.56mm, .22-250 Rem, .308 Win/7.62X51mm, and .30-06 Springfield. I use it and the Vitha N 140 and N540 for the .223 Rem/5.56mm and I like it in the .22-250 Rem and .30-06 Springfield. (I have had great luck with Vitha N 150 in my M1 Garand with Hornady 178gr A-MAX for any John C. Garand match shooters. )


Most I've seen use 25grains Varget with a 55 fmj


I load sierra 69 gr. match kings and swear by them with 24.3 gr of varget. I worked that load up and it works well with my ar.


I think we are on our fourth or fifth 8lb keg of TAC. All in 223Rem. Around 24.5 to 25 grains with a 55 grain bullet. Killed a whole bunch of PD's with that load. TAC seems to be the new darling of the AR shooters. Meters real well, clean, accurate, not temperature sensitive and cheap. A lot to like.

With the Wolf brand primers the correct primer for 223 is SRM or "223 Rem".

Do not use the SR size (Wolf) which is for low pressure rounds.

Tac is a great ball powder.

For manuals I suggest Hornady #7 and Sierra #5 to start. They both have 223 gas rifle loads and good info for loading them.

Lyman #49 is a great manual for rifle and pistol loads and has cast bullet data also.

My plinking/practice/fun load is either a 55 or 62 gr FMJBT loaded with BLC2, Tac, AA-2230. (all ball powders)

For accuracy I am a convert to AeroE's 223 accuracy load.

52 gr Sierra BTHP, Win brass, Rem 7 1/2, 27 grs of Re-15.


I am just finishing up loading 2k of Hornady 55Gr, FMJBT, CCI 450, 24.5gr Ramshot TAC and LC brass. This load does just slightly over 1" at 100 yards 10 shot groups in my 18" 1/8 cmmg.


...55gr FMJ....25 gr BLC-2.....average range fodder.....same for 62's


55 gr hornady FMJ, cci 200 primers, 24 grains imr-4895

(from an author of gun articles)

24.7 grains of H-322 under a 52-grain Sierra hollowpoint.

H322. I have a bunch of it and it shoots clean and smooth. It doesn't give the highest FPS, but plenty for my plinking purposes. I love H322 because it is temperature insensitive. After this I am gonna make my way back to
AA2230. That stuff meters like butter and has a bit more zip.

I've settled on Hodgdon powders for the most part.

H335 is good, especially for some of the shorter barreled AR15s. So is H322. H335 measures great, while H322 is a bit coarser (but is still good with most powder dispensers as long as you don't approach MAX loads).

Varget is a terrific powder for 20" guns although it meters poorly unless you weigh each individual charge.

Varget and H322 are Extreme Powders which means they are almost impervious to temperature extremes. If your ammo lies out in the hot sun or is saturated with freezing temps the pressures remain pretty much consistent across the temperature spectrum. Also, the Hodgdon Extreme load data was developed without the use of magnum primers.

Varget is fantastically consistent, but meters like gravel. Sierra lists it as their accuracy load.

If you're mass-producing 55g or 62g plinking, defense, shtf ammo, by all means, use H335.

Varget is a whole lot more popular in High Power circles. In fact, I don't know anyone personally who isn't shooting varget, vv, or R15

Both using LC brass trimmed to 1.750" and CCI BR4 primers:


20" Wilson Arms HBAR 1:9 RoT 6-groove 5.56 chamber, NOT free floated
RRA lower
RRA National Match 2-stage trigger

Winchester 55gr FMJBT
25.5gr Ramshot TAC
LEE FCD die used
3,100 f/s
1-2 MOA @ 100 yards

Hornady 52gr BTHP Match
26.0gr Ramshot TAC
3,220 f/s
.75-1 MOA @ 100 yards

25.3 gr Ramshot Xterminator
55 gr Hornady
LC Cases
Win primers
2950 fps from a 1/9 16" chrome lined H barrel (RRA)
3080 fps from a 1/7 16" chrome lined M-4 profile barrel (ADS - ERShaw)

Spread on a 5-shot group from my RRA measured 1.3" Not bad...

Here is .223 load for my MSTN AR-15 rifle with Lilja 18” barrel that is a 3-groove, 8-twist. I am using this for 3-gun so I am using mixed brass, whatever I get back in my brass bag. I basically copied a BHA/Hornady 55gr V-Max factory cartridge. Not trying to get super accurate, just use for 3-gun out to 200 yards. Footnote: I changed to Benchmark powder and edited to show new numbers.

Mixed brass about 50-60% Winchester
55gr Hornady V-Max bullet
26.0gr Benchmark
CCI No. 41 primer
OAL 2.250
Velocity avg is 3200 fps

Two loads that I've found that shoots well in both my 26" Savage 12BVSS and 20" Heavy Barrel AR. Both 1:9 twist.

55gr Hornady FMJBT, LC brass and Wolf small rifle primer (non-mag).

WC844 (H332) 26gr
WC846 (BL-C2) 25.5gr

The 844 is more accurate than the 846. Can get less than 0.3 moa from the Savage.

Nobody ever talks about it, but the standard Hornady 55g Sp with the crimp ring is a very accurate bullet; this really cheap bullet is almost as accurate as berger 52's...no much difference in accuracy in my custom 223.

I use both H4198 and IMR 4198 in my 223. I load 21.5 grains of each with a 55 gr bullet and they shoot the same, under .5 in. I am glad to learn that about IMR8208. I have several pounds of that powder and was not sure how to use it. I guess I can use H322 data.

I have loaded the 55gr Hornady Vmax in .223 using Varget with great results. The Hornady manual shows starting with 22.8 gr and the max was 26.4 My loads are right at 25gr Varget pushing 3000 fps.

Win748 is a good powder for light weight bullets in .223 as well.

I have found Varget to work under a wide variety of calibers and bullet weights. Fairly universal in application.

I use both the 55 grn Nosler CT and Ballistic Slivertips with 24.5 grn of Benchmark. I don't know the speed but this gives me very good groups in my AR.

I've been shooting 55gr vmaxs. 23.2gr of TAC. and wolf primers. Loaded in Lake City brass. Out of my 16" DPMS I'm getting .410" 5 shot groups at 106 yds.