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223 / 9mm / 380 acp / 7.62 x 39 Reloading, Ballistics and Bullet Effectiveness

Helpful reloading information is hard to find on the Web.. So I've collected all the "good stuff" in this one Portal site.

Note: When originally collected all this data for my own use I didn’t bother to record the authors. Please drop me a note so I can properly reference you if preferred.

223 / 5.56mm info

223 / 5.56 reloading - Loads, history, advise.. basically a TON of 223 reloading information

223 Accuracy info - Issues particular to high accuracy and long range shooting

223 Performance - Effectiveness, ballistics and terminal test information

Suppressor info - Information particular to Suppressor use (under construction.. more coming)

9mm info

9mm 124gr Loads

9mm 147gr loads

9mm pet loads chart

Favorite powders for 9mm

9mm case preparation

Low flash pistol powders

7.62 x 39 (x39) AK / SKS pet loads (under construction.. MUCH more coming!)

7.62 x 39 Pet Loads

125 - 240gr load test

7.62 x 39 Effectiveness

Manufacturer Data (under construction.. MUCH more coming!)

ATK.. (Federal, Speer, CCI, Blazer, Weaver, Eagle, etc)